Upcoming Events    

    Spring 2024        

Line Up of Performances

Date Event Time Location Dancers
2024 learn new dances normal  class time dance class ALL
Jan. 14 FSU  Basketball Game
Report 12:30 Civic Center Wed. Lyrical
Thurs. Tap
Feb. 15 Costume changes Payment due $5.00 late fee aft. Feb. 29 Dance class ALL

Feb. 27-

Feb 29

Class time ALL Classes ALL Dancers
Mar 6 Field Days 8:25 KLES Courtyard

Wed Lyrical/Contemp

Thurs Jazz

Mar 7

Field Days 8:25 KLES courtyard

Wed. Jazz

Thurs Ballet




Mar. 11-18 NO Dance- Spring Break Have fun! Be safe! Rest Up!
Mar 26-28 In School Performance

During dance class time

In School
Spring Dances
ALL Dancers
Apr. 2 Recital Fee Due $25.00 per dancer   ALL Dancers
Apr. 11 TBA TBA   ALL Dancers
Apr. 30-May 2 In school performances During dance class time Dance Class
Recital Dances
All Dancers
May 4 Relay for Life
Meet 2:45
Perform 3:45
ALL Dancers
Dress Rehearsal 2:50 PM - 5:45 PM Stage Schedule posted in April
May 10 "Good Ol' Charlie Brown" 6:30 pm Stage
ALL Dancers!!
May 14-16 End of Year Party class time Growing Room Preschool All Growing Room Dancers
TBA Party and Wrap 8:00 am-10:00 Killearn Lakes Pool All KLES  Students
May 14 End of Year Party normal class time KL Preschool & Epiphany KL Preschool & Epiph WEE students

Permission Slips will need to be turned in one week before the performance.

Dance Class Costume

Tues. Killearn Lakes Preschool & Epiphany WEE dancers -"Biscuits in the Oven"

Pink ballet shoes, black leotard, Red & Gold Costume Tutu, beige tights   NEW - chef hat, pinned on, dessert apron $18.00
Guys - Black ballet shoes, red dance shirt, black pants or shorts  NEW-chef hat, pinned on, dessert apron $18.00

Growing Room

"What a Wonderful World"

pink ballet shoes, pink leotard, Lime Green Costume Tutu, beige tights NEW- Red Dance Rose $1.00

Wed. Contemporary/Lyrical "Willow"


Tan lyrical shoes,  team shorts, hair in braided up and down  NEW -Black Dance Top, Green Chiffon Maxi Skirt $55.00

Wed. Jazz "Little Less Conversation"

Tan Jazz Shoes, hair in braided up and down NEW -Black Dance Top, Aqua skater skirt  $39.00




Thurs. Ballet- " Kiss the Girl"
Pink Ballet Shoes, Red Costume tutu dress from Fall, hair in low pony, red satin hairbow  NEW - white gloves $4.00

Guys - black ballet shoes, black shirt, black shorts NEW -  white gloves $4.00

Thurs. Jazz "Hair UP"

Black skater skirt, Black Jazz Shoe, hair in high pony NEW -Peach sequin T shirt, colored hair piece $ 24.00

If you have any questions please send email. Please turn in permission slips one week before the performance.